Uniquely united, shared well-being

In my latest academic pursuit, I earned a postgraduate degree specializing in the behaviour and well-being of companion animals, specifically dogs, cats, and horses. I was truly struck by the incredible amount of similarities that exist among all living beings.

My fascination with the concept of well-being grew, motivating me to explore the meaning of welfare and how to attain and guarantee optimal welfare for both others and oneself. This endeavor evolved into my mission to protect and enhance welfare.

The primary challenge to ensuring welfare lies in our lack of understanding about essential requirements. Despite our distinct individualities, which encompass species-specific necessities and numerous personal distinctions, we all have fundamental welfare needs in common.

Welfare Based aims to provide content that can inspire others to join this mission, safeguarding and improving welfare.

My Journey.

Hi. My name is Liselot Boersma (call me Lisa) and I'm a welfare consultant based in the Netherlands.

I was always fascinated by animals, especially the relationship between dogs and humans. I was preparing to study veterinary medicine at age 18, when I unexpectedly got admitted (after sending in a demo and auditioning) to study songwriting and music business at a school called the rock academy, obtaining a bachelor degree in pop music when I was 22.

After working at a major and an independent record label for 7,5 years, my passion for learning more about dogs made me decide to quit my fulltime ‘Head of Promo’ job.

I started working part time at a music venue; investing all my spare time into following evidence-based education and gaining many years of practical experience in working with dogs and humans.

In 2017 I obtained a post graduate degree in Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare, studying welfare and behaviour of dogs, cats and horses.

I had already launched my Dutch platform, HondenLot and five years later I launched LotsDogs.

I eventually managed to grow my own part time business into a full time occupation.

My interest in welfare grew and I realized I was not only interested in dogs, but in humans and other animal species too. This inspired me launch Welfare Based.

I share my life with my best friend who I adopted in 2013 when she was 12 weeks old. She is a Greek rescue and her name is Sheriff.